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Elected Officers:

President - Danny Bode

1st Vice President - Josh Townsend

2nd Vice Presidents - Aline Parker & Russell Payne

Recording Secretary - Mary Ellen Conner

Treasurer - Cynthia Miller

Curators - Caroline Wadzeck

Reporter/Photographer - Caroline Wadzeck

Security - Ken DeFoor

2022 Elected Officers


All meetings of the Society are held on the last Monday in every month at 6:00 pm at the Parker House Meeting Room, 201 S. Hill St., Dayton, TX. Anyone interested in Dayton's history is welcome to attend. The meeting begins with officer and committee member status reports including opportunities to be of service to the society or community. Upon conclusion of the business meeting, guest speakers are introduced. Refreshments are served after the meeting is over. 


----- The Old School Museum is owned by the Dayton Historical Society and operated by volunteer Society members -----

The Dayton Historical Society was organized in July 1983 at 8 Sherwood Drive, the home of Mary Beth Jamison.  Mary Beth founded the Society and served as its president for the first 25 years.  At that time, the Society had as its purpose, researching sites worthy of historical marker identification.


The Society began with six members which membership fluctuating over the next couple of decades.  The faithful few were determined to persevere in continuing the organization and were successful in acquiring historical markers from the Texas Historical Commission for several sites. 


Membership increased when the goal became saving The Old School, everyone helping with a multitude of fund-raisers to complete the project.  When the museum was dedicated in 2007, membership gradually increased, with meetings taking place the last Monday evening of each month inside the museum. 


By 2011, it was apparent a larger meeting place was needed for DHS meetings and David Parker, a DHS member, came forward pledging to build a structure for that purpose to be located behind the museum.  He named the lovely building The Robert and Lillian Parker Meeting Hall in honor and memory of his parents.

In 2014, with membership in the society increasing steadily, Parker added on to Parker Hall to accommodate the growth.  In addition to providing a place for Dayton Historical Society meetings, Parker Hall is a major source of income for the Society as it is also rented to people in the community for events. 


Interesting programs relating to the history of Dayton and surrounding area are presented at Society meetings, the membership of which continues to grow.  This 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization has as its purpose: individuals working together to promote and support the preservation of the past for posterity, and the quality of life through communication and education that benefits the greater Dayton Community.

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