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The streets included below are derived from Caroline Wadzeck's book "The Streets of Dayton,Texas" and are grouped according to the basis upon which each street was named:

  • Supported a specific purpose or entity

  • Citizens who died in World War II (1935-1945)

  • Pioneers of Dayton (1900 or earlier)

  • Adjacent Land Owners

  • Names in Nature or Novelty

  • Honored Citizens

  • Family & Friends of Honored Citizens


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Supported a specific purpose or entity

Some streets were named after the primary businesses or purpose of that street:

  • Church Street - Access to first churches in Dayton (1st Baptist and 1st Methodist)

  • Cleveland Street - the main road to/from Cleveland before Hwy TX-321

  • Depot Street - Texas & New Orleans Railroad tracks ran parallel (aka Railroad Avenue, Commerce Street)

  • Eastgate Road - the main road to/from Huffman before Hwy FM-1960

  • Goosecreek Street - Goose Creek Railroad tracks ran parallel

  • Houston Street - the main road to/from Houston before Hwy TX-90

  • Klemp Road - access to Klemp Corporation

  • Lovers Lane - Popular destination for young couples seeking privacy

  • Main Street - the main street through downtown crossing railroad tracks

  • Manor Street - access to Heritage Manor Nursing Home

  • Old Spanish Trail - National road to connect Florida to California (aka Hwy TX-90 in 1928)

  • Sawmill Road - access to steam-powered sawmill

  • Seaberg Industrial Road - access to Seaberg Rice Company

  • Tram Street - Railway ran parallel to connect Dayton Lumber Co. to main railroad track

  • Waco Street - Access to Dayton Lumber/Mills Company (1900-1930, 250 employees , 75K SF sawmill)

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