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The Dayton Historical Society has been incredibly successful as a non-profit organization intent on its mission of working together to promote and support the preservation of the past for posterity in addition to improving the quality of life through communication and education that benefits the greater Dayton Community.

The Society is blessed to have many members who have passion for its mission and a love of history. Some of those members have made significant contributions in terms of leadership, finances, buildings, and artifacts. This webpage is dedicated to honoring them and their contributions to the Society's success.

Caroline Wadzeck

Museum Curator

Caroline has shown incredible commitment to Dayton's history as a financial supporter of the Dayton Old School Museum, a leader of the Dayton Historical Society and the museum's curator.

Mary Beth Jamison

Founder & Member of Dayton Historical Society, Contributor of Jamison Log Cabin

Recognizing that Dayton needed an organization to fulfill the need of acquiring state historical markers for Dayton’s landmarks, she organized the Society in July of 1983 at her home in Dayton and served as its president for the first 25 years.  

David Parker

Member & Primary Contributor to Parker Hall Building

As a member of the Dayton Historical Society, David Parker was instrumental in financing the building of Parker Hall which was named after his parents - Robert and Lillian Parker.

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