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This webpage provides information about books available for purchase at the Dayton Old School Museum including a synopsis for the book and a link if the book is available from public sources (e.g.,

The Streets of Dayton, Texas

"The history of Dayton, Texas, is memorialized at every street corner and intersection. Street signs throughout town bear the names of characters in Dayton's past, the people who helped the city become what it is today. They are war heroes, a governor, business leaders, developers and everyday men and women dedicated to making Dayton a better community. Descend the Old Spanish Trail that cuts through the center of town, and meet those who settled what once was a western wilderness. Author Caroline Wadzeck examines and explains the history of many of the town's streets, preserving their contributions and legacy in Dayton history." (excerpt from back cover)

Available for purchase at Dayton Old School Museum and

Review by Liberty Vindicator newspaper dated 26 March 2014. 


Caroline Wadzeck

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