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Thanks to the passion for history of Caroline Wadzeck, Dayton citizens can know the interesting origin of the street names in Dayton. Below is a synopsis from her book, The Streets of Dayton, Texas - History by the Block. published in 2014.  The book provides much more detail.  She dedicates the book to Robert "Bobby" Harris who was "A lifelong Dayton resident and community leader who had a wealth of knowledge about Dayton's history" but who passed away the year before it was published.  

Aaron Street - Aaron Chester Holbrook Sr. (developer for Holbrook subdivision)

Atascocita - Chosen by land owner Roy Slover (name means "boggy" - appropriate name for property)

Barrow Street - Dougals Barrow (died in World War II)

Benton Street - Thomas and Eliza Benton (purchased adjacent land in 1898)

Brooks Street - Mr. Clarence Brooks (residents of Eastgate and French Settlement, got streets paved)

Brown Road - Harry and Kimmie Brown (adjacent land owners)

Brown Trail - Named for tallow trees on the lots by developer Bill Scholander

Bryan Street - Oliver Bryan (O.B.) Sterling Sr. (builder of Rio Movie Theater in Dayton)

Cherry Creek Road - John Cherry (pioneer settler 1835, frequent visitor to West Liberty)

Chester Street - Aaron Chester Holbrook Sr. (developer for Holbrook Subdivision)

Church Street - Location of first two churches in Dayton

Clarence Street - Clarence Dearbonne Sr. (local restauranteur)

Clayton Street - Clayton Leo Moreau (brother of Wilmer "Bill" Moreau - prominent citizen)

Cleveland Street - road to Cleveland, TX (aka Texas Hwy 321)

Colbert Street - Annie E. Colbert (Teacher at local African-American school)

Coleman Street - Oscar Howard Coleman (prominent citizens, adjacent land owners)

Collins Street - Thomas Vaught Collins (investor, mayor, first fire chief, etc.)

Dale Street - Norman Dale Brown Jr. (named by Harry Charles Brown for grandson)

Depot Street - Adjacent to east/west railroad tracks (aka Railroad Avenue, Commerce Street)

Edgar Street - Robert B. Edgar (employee of Ross Sterling - Dayton Lumber Company/Dayton Mills Company)

Elaine Street - Elaine Watel Friedman (land owner/developers)

Emma Street - Emma Dunn Harris (wife of businessman Joseph Denton Harris Jr.

Entzminger Street - Ben and Jessie Entzminger (adjacent land owners)

Esther Street - Esther Friedman Blonstein (daughter of Louis Friedman, land owner/developer)

Evelyn Street - Evelyn Holbrook-Waldrop (daughter of Chester Holbrook subdivision developer, land owner)

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