In addition to permanent exhibits on display at the Dayton Old School, the museum curator regularly develops focused history displays that are setup up in the center of the room on the left side of the museum.  


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Permanent Exhibits

Video: History of Dayton and the Old School

A video presentation (28 minutes) of the history of Dayton from its earliest existence and that of The Old School may be seen at the museum. It includes information about I.C. Day, the man for whom Dayton is named. It also talks about other important individuals in Dayton's past, including Ross Sterling, who had great influence on Dayton's early development, later becoming Governor of Texas. The Old School, Dayton's educational facility from 1900-1910, is traced through its evolution from school to museum.  This film is available for large groups upon request.

Artifacts: War Memorial

A War Memorial is dedicated to the brave Dayton men who served their country in various wars and time periods. Display cases contain items belonging to various men and women in service from WWII to the present time.  Featured are six uniforms worn by the following men during their military service:

World War II:

  • Bobby Harris - U.S. Army, WWII

  • Dave Reidland - U.S. Air Force, WWII

  • Thurmon Walling - U.S. Navy, WWII

Korea:  Leo Shipman - U.S. Army

Desert Storm: J.B. Sterling III - U.S. Navy & peacetime

Artifacts: 1900 Classroom

One corner of the museum is set up as the school probably looked in 1900, with its high back desks, ink wells, chalk board, and pictures on the wall of Presidents Washington and Lincoln.

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Dayton Old School Museum
Dayton Old School Museum

Front entrance

Dayton Old School Museum
Dayton Old School Museum

Sidewalk to Jamison Log Cabin

Dayton Old School Museum
Dayton Old School Museum

Room #2 - National & State Officials Gallery

Dayton Old School Museum
Dayton Old School Museum

Front entrance