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The blanket depicts symbols of Dayton history - Dayton Depot, Wagons of Rice, Dayton Lumber Company, Farming, Longhorns, Cotton Gin, Dayton State Bank and Dayton Oilfield. The edges of the blanket reflect the 4 major railroads that stopped at the Dayton Depot. The spokes of the inner circle are the highways that cross - Hwy 1960, Hwy 146, Hwy 90, and Hwy 321. The corners include an icons of Dayton, Houston, and Texas  - an airplane, bucking broncho, Texas flag, and a space shuttle. 

Dayton Historical Society Throw

SKU: 03
  • The blanket is X inches x X inches in size and illustrates the businesses, highways,and railroads of Dayton's history.

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